Symphony Launches ‘Made in Bangladesh’ Phone

Symphony Launches 'Made in Bangladesh' Phone

After Walton, the country’s handset maker Symphony has brought the phone with ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag. Coming soon, the Symphony phones made in the country will come in the market. These phones will cost at hand. Although Symphony is a native handset brand, Symphony has all the phones written in Made in China. The company has been making a phone called Symphony from China vendor so far and has been marketed in Bangladesh. At Meanwhile, Symphony has set up a factory for Ashulia handsets near the capital. A feature phone will be built in this factory at the beginning with the help of foreign technology. However, this year, Symphony’s ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tag will come in the smartphone market.

If you want to know about this, Edison Group’s manager of marketing division Symphony S. M. Shahriar Huda told, “Symphony has set up a mobile phone factory in Ashulia. Infrastructure has been built to fit the phones in a factory of around 57 thousand square feet. Now the installation of equipment is underway. Hopefully, the phone will start production in this factory within the second quarter of 2018.

come. M. Shahriar Huda further said, “The price of Symphony’s Made in Bangladesh tagged phone will be a little lower. The product phones and basic phones will now be produced in this factory. Every five to six million phones will be produced from this factory every month.

When is Symphony Made in Bangladesh Tagged Smartphone Market? Answer this question. M. Shahriar Huda said, “We will also create a smartphone in Ashulia factory. But it will take some time. Since the computing of smartphones is complex, the factory is not creating smartphones since the beginning. But I can say that very soon we will start to build a smartphone in our factory. For this, we will train our workforce with the help of foreign technology experts. We hope to bring the ‘Made in Bangladesh’ tagged smartphone into the market by 2018 ‘.
Symphony Launches 'Made in Bangladesh' Phone
Come. M. Shahriar Huda was asked, what is the main purpose of setting up the Symphony factory in Bangladesh? In response, he said, “Our main objective is to give the native technology made to the people of Bangladesh at low prices.” The Symphony official said foreign technical assistance was being taken to produce a handset in Ashulia assembling factory. An IT expert in China is working for this. The entire raw material of phone manufacture will be imported from abroad. Then they will be added to the market by selling them and creating a complete phone.

Symphony claims Bangladeshi handset market leader Tarar They hold one-third of the handset market. They hold more than 35 percent of the phone market share.

Only the handset will be created at Symphony assembling factory. Its batteries, headphones and other accessories are not being created. But in the future, the factory will have everything incomparable with the phone, Symphony said.

Meanwhile, on December 10, 2007, Walton brought the first-ever Made in Bangladesh tag to the smartphone market. Apart from Symphony, we have set up a factory in Dhaka, Mirpur. The Made in Bangladesh Tagged We Phone will soon be made in this factory.


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